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Our mission is to make cities more accessible to

We accomplish this by creating comfortable, community homes that inspire people to live a more intentional life.

Why cities?

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

— Plato


Research indicates that the odds of rising to another income level are notably higher in great cities. Simply put, the best cities foster the highest probability of economic success.



Suburban sprawl is not good for the environment. City dwellers consume 30% less gasoline. Urban dwellers require fewer resources in sum than their suburban counterparts. We enable more people to live sustainably in urban environments.



Food, music, the arts, innovation, and philanthropy are at the heart of our cities. Mixing diverse groups of humans creates eclectic culture and movements. Society looks to cities for the direction human thought is headed. We embrace city culture and support its growth.

Urban Revival

Making cities accessible to everyone

Building homes for everyone is really, really difficult; it involves navigating physical, capital, political and emotional pressures that are usually in conflict. As a result, not many people are working on this problem.

We welcome this challenge because we don't want to lose the amazing character of the cities we love.

The forgotten middle

New supply of low income housing is made possible through government subsidies and public vouchers, and we all know that there's no shortage of luxury high-rises going up — but what about everyone in between?

Our mission is to house the backbone of every city: the teachers, police officers, firefighters, hospitality workers, students and entrepreneurs, which in turn makes cities accessible to everyone.

Building a sustainable future

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Starcity’s value engineering takes into consideration both the initial and life-cycle costs of a building. Our approach deals with all the surrounding resources such as water, energy, and materials from their beginning as raw materials till their salvage cycle.

Increasing livable space and reducing waste

The lack of capital for middle-income developments also means that we, as a society, lack the ability to challenge assumptions about what the middle-income urban dweller needs and desires. How much private space do we need? What do we expect for community and neighborhood interaction? What tradeoffs are we willing to make to have a fulfilling urban experience? To answer these questions, Starcity is reimagining the physical spaces in which we live, with direct input from our members.

Revitalizing and honoring the character of neighborhoods

Starcity is committed to preserving the well-being and character of our neighborhoods. We never stick a glass box in a neighborhood filled with Victorian-era cottages. Starcity weaves into the fabric of the neighborhood and puts energetic and thoughtful members in the community that want to become part of the local culture.

The Team

We're a world-class team that's changing how cities are lived in. We've worked at or helped lead world-class companies like Airbnb, Beats By Dre, CBRE, Credit Karma, Cushman & Wakefield, Facebook, Fairmont, Fitbit, Google, Hack Reactor, Hilton, Pankow, Shorenstein, SOM, The SF Vault, The Standard, Uber, and UC Davis.

Here's more about the founders of Starcity.





Mohammad Sakrani

CPO & Co-Founder


Jesse Suarez

COO & Co-Founder


Josh Lehman

CTO & Co-Founder


Ela Garcia

Operations Associate


Misael Gonzalez

Senior Facilities Associate


Victor Soto

Facilities Associate


Meagan Jensen

Manager of People Operations


Marina Markovsky

SVP of Finance & Accounting


Queenie Ho

Junior Software Engineer


Andres Pineda

Junior Software Engineer


June Zhou

Director of Community Operations


Graham Thiel

Director of Project Management


Therese Diede

Junior Software Engineer


Matthew Wright

Sales & Marketing Manager


Allen J Price

Software Engineering Manager


Tom Kaser

Launch Director


Ezra Fox

Director of Brand & Marketing


Cecilia Wahome

Junior Software Engineer


Jackie Ngo

Senior Designer


Maria Del Campo

Interior Design & Logistics Associate


Sam Martz

Partnership Director


Zack Pardey

Director of Research & Development


Diana Gren

Senior Software Engineer


Ellie Logan

Member Operations Manager


with us

We favor working with partners and vendors that live, work, and contribute to the neighborhoods that Starcity is looking to open in. If you have a small business that you think can provide a service or product to Starcity, please reach out!

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