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Our Values

We’ve set out to create a new constitution for living as a group. We resolve to form a more perfect union within our community and live by these values.

Be Benevolent

Every person has good in them. We understand that each of us has quirks and, sometimes, difficult days. So we listen and empathize. And we ask Starcity to see the best in people and treat everyone on an even playing field. The civility of the community is paramount. Kindness and a supportive environment makes us smile.

is Short

Let's have a good time!

with Privacy

Trust and honesty are the foundations of lasting relationships. We build trust within through clear communication. And we expect Starcity to be open about its policies and procedures, and hyper-responsible with our privacy.

each other

We support one another by being nonjudgmental, staying curious and lending a helping hand. We honor local culture by supporting artists, chefs and vendors in the neighborhood. We expect Starcity to give us a safe space to pursue our dreams.

is Dynamic

We seek unbounded perspectives. We ask ourselves and Starcity to invite in members that are open-minded, come from different backgrounds, and have varying interests and perspectives. The result is a more interesting life.

Our Values

We’ve set out to create a new constitution for living as a group. We resolve to form a more perfect union within our community and live by these values.

The Other Way vs. Starcity

Shared Apartment Studio/1 Bedroom Starcity
Base Rent $1,500 - $1,600 ~$3,000 $1,600
WiFi Steal the neighbor's... "Please be at home between 10am and 4pm." Enterprise-grade, super-fast, stream all day
Cleaning Services Do it yourself. Try to book unreliable cleaning startup Twice per week
Utilities Collect $$ from your roommates. Pay for other people’s long showers... Call PG&E, SF Water, and Recology to set up services. Pay monthly. Don’t think about it. We have you covered!
Furniture IKEA. Ugh... Spend thousands of dollars to get set up Fully-equipped with high end, well-designed, functional furniture!
Community Events Maybe? Just another lonely Friday night with Netflix Yes! Opt-in to dinners, weekend outings, volunteer opportunities and more.
House Concierge Ha! Nope Each home has a Starcity team member that assists with whatever you might need.
Total $1,700 - $1,800 ~$4,000 $2,000 - $2,100

Private room and spacious living rooms

Communal living only works when you can opt into the community aspects on your terms. We invite introverts, extroverts and everyone in between to join. Your room is your sanctuary.

Ultra fast WiFi

Our enterprise-grade internet is always on and achieves 100Mbs per user. No more buffering, no more dead spots, you can stream to your heart’s content.

All Utilities

We pay the bills. No envelopes or stamps. We’ll even take out the trash and recycle.

Weekly Cleaning

Yes that’s right! All the shared spaces are cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning service. Room cleans are available upon request as part of a premium package for those who like things extra tidy. We get a great rate since we'll have onsite cleaning staff each week.

Fully-furnished spaces, intentionally designed

We build our homes with comfort and durability in mind. We think people are interesting and the design of our homes should be too. Simply move in with a suitcase!

An authentic and collaborative living experience without a hassle. ‘Nuff said.

Meet Our Members



Hospitality Manager

“Starcity takes the work out of living with everyone else—it makes it easy for us to come home and coexist.”



Molecular Biologist

“I love how Starcity really emphasizes community and continuously looks for ways to improve the living experience for its members. They also make life really convenient by taking care of all the little things.”




“I am very bullish on Starcity after testing the product and spending more time with the team.”




“The things I like most about Starcity are the people—both those I get to live with and those who manage the house and community. ”


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