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What is the difference between a coliving suite and coliving group?

A coliving suite refers to your private bedroom! A coliving group is the communal apartment and typically consists of 2-6 private suites that share a kitchen, bathrooms, and a communal area. Our communities are either communal homes with private suites spread out across the floors or collections of coliving groups.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes! However, please check with our team first to coordinate what you are bringing. Storage and moving fees may be applicable.

What furniture comes in my suite?

Your room comes furnished with all of the essentials including a bed frame, queen or full sized Tuff & Needle mattress, nightstand, lamp, and rug. If your room doesn’t feature a closet, we’ll provide a standing wardrobe as well. Additional things like bedding, dresser or desk can be ordered through our Helping Hands offerings.

Do your communities have parking?

It varies by community and city. Currently we only have parking at our BEI community in SF, but not to worry as all of our SF homes are centrally located to public transit. Since LA is such a car-centric city, we have parking at each building that can be added on to your membership at each of our LA locations.

What specific amenities like A/C and recreation spaces do each of your communities have?

Each of our communities has its own personality and amenities, but communal space is at the focus of all of them! All have comfortable community living rooms with games and full kitchens, but they can also have things like backyards, spas, and awesome rooftop vibes. You can check out the full breakdown of the features in our homes on each of their webpages. Just click either Los Angeles or San Francisco to access all of our community pages!

Do you offer anything like private room cleanings or furniture rentals?

We absolutely do! Helping Hands are additional services that Starcity offers to make your life just a little easier! Choose from services like storage, room cleanings, fresh bedding, and furniture rentals. Need a TV or artwork hung up? Let us know!

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