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What term lengths do you offer?

Our term lengths change seasonally and from community to community, but we typically have available a short (3-5 months), mid (6-10 months), or long (11-15 months) options available. You can check out our communities page for Los Angeles or San Francisco for the most up-to-date information on what terms are currently available.

What’s the breakdown of my monthly rent rate?

Your monthly membership fee includes a few things: your suite rent (which is the base rent for your private space) plus an impact cost ( all utilities, streaming services, and internet), comfort cost (weekly cleanings, stocked consumables, and furnishings), and communal costs (experience and event programming). If you have a short or mid length term agreement, you may have a flex fee as well. We try to stagger when members come up for renewal, so the flex fee may vary as a result of a few factors like seasonality.

What is your security deposit amount?

Our security deposit varies by city and community and may change depending on your qualifications.

Am I responsible for any utilities?

Nope! We want coliving to be as frictionless as possible, so water, electric, gas, trash, heating, and high-speed internet are all already set up and included in your monthly rate!

What “household consumables” are stocked in each community?

We’ll keep stocked for you in all shared spaces paper towels, toilet paper, hand/dish soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and cleaning supplies. We do not stock private spaces including private bathrooms.

Can more than one person live in a suite at Starcity?

We highly recommend touring any suite you might be interested in to make sure it is a good fit for your desired living accommodations. Rooms can vary in size and amenities, making some more comfortable for sharing than others. Each suite has either a queen or full sized bed, and we do not provide separate beds. Please note that the communal fees for furnishings, shared consumables, and utilities (but not your suite rent) increase with each adult living in your suite with you.

Can I have guests stay over?

Of course, this is your home! While overnight guests are welcome, you should follow your community's House Rules on maximum stays for guests. As a matter of common courtesy, please do your best to let your fellow community members know if you plan to have a guest stay for more than one night (especially in smaller groups or communities). Like any community member, your guests should be respectful of the community’s shared spaces and follow the House Rules. Ultimately, you're responsible for their actions so choose your friends wisely.

How and when do I pay my membership fee?

You can pay your membership fee online at Rent is due the first of every month, after the 5th rent is considered late. A late fee will be added to your rent after the 5th. For a breakdown on your late fees, please see your membership agreement. Most of our members prefer setting up autopay through their Member Dashboard to make sure their payments get in on time. We also accept checks, cashier’s check, and credit cards for payments. There’s a 3% processing fee for credit card and debit card payments.

What happens if I need to terminate my lease early?

If something comes up and you need to terminate your agreement, we require 30 days’ notice. You will be responsible to pay your rent for the last 30 days as well as an early termination fee which is calculated as $20 multiplied by the number of days remaining on the term of your agreement.

The room I’m interested in is currently eligible for a promotion- how do the promotional rates work?

Concessions and promotions are only applicable to the terms of your lease unless otherwise specified. Upon renewal your rate will default back to the base market rate. You also must remain abide by the terms of your agreement. Late or missed payments may result in losing your concession or promotion.

Will my rent ever increase?

With few exceptions, your membership fee will not change without your written consent. However, rates may change when you come up for renewal, as permitted under local rent ordinances. You’ll be notified at least 30 days in advance if your rent is going to increase.

Can I transfer to a new suite or community if I find one I like better after I’ve signed an agreement?

Yes! Of course, it depends on the availability of the place you’d like to transfer to, and your new agreement would be subject to the terms and conditions of the requested unit. There are a few other things you’ll need to complete before a transfer can happen, so please reach out to or through your Starcity app to schedule a time to discuss your transfer.

Do you have any low income housing or accept section-8 vouchers?

Certain properties have suites that are specifically designated for “low income” or “very low income” members. The rates for these units are set by local housing authorities and we work with them to select qualified members. We look forward to building more low income and very low income housing in the near future. Please note that we are not currently set up to accept section-8 vouchers.

Can I sublease or rent out my room on AirBnB or any other related platforms?

Unfortunately not. If you need to end your agreement with us early, please reach out to

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