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What is coliving?

Happy you asked! We’ve put together a breakdown of the in’s and out’s of coliving here for you to check out: https://starcity.com/coliving/.

Do you have any studios, one bedroom or two bedroom apartments?

Each community has its own character, and some have traditional layouts, but there’s nothing regular about them. Members in traditional apartments still get the Starcity experience with access to our communal activities and events, and premium services like cleaning services, all organized through our member app. The terms and conditions for these apartments are a bit different than our coliving suites, so if you have questions, please reach out to welcome@starcity.com. The rest of this FAQ is designed to answer questions specifically about coliving.

Do you have any corporate housing partnerships available?

Absolutely! Reach out to corp-housing@starcity.com for more info!

If there’s a disagreement between my Membership Agreement and this FAQ, which one should I expect to be accurate?

This FAQ is designed to just give a basic overview of our policies. Please refer to your Membership Agreement for the specific terms of your stay. If you have any questions about any discrepancies between the two you can reach out to community@starcity.com.

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