Frequently Asked Questions

We put together this FAQ to help you better understand how Starcity works. If you're a current member and have questions about your Membership Agreement, please reach out to us at

  • I want to move in. How do I apply?
  • What does it cost to move in?
  • So… what’s a community home?
  • What about private spaces?
  • Who is this for?
  • Can I bring my own stuff?
  • You’re basically “adult dorms,” right?
  • Don’t see your question?
  • Can I decorate my room?
  • Are the community spaces cleaned?
  • Are there rooms available for couples and families?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is there parking on site?
  • What’s a “Helping Hand?”
  • What does a Starcity membership include?
  • How much does all this cost?
  • How do I pay my monthly membership?
  • What happens to my membership if I want to leave early?
  • What kinds of community events are there?
  • Can I host my own event?
  • What is the length of a member's stay?
  • Can I have friends / significant others visit and stay?
  • Is there a curfew?
  • What happens when things go wrong in a community?
  • I already own a building and would like to explore turning it into a Starcity community. Do you work with owners/developers?
  • What if I want to change rooms or communities?

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