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Our logo is the beginning of our visual brand identity.

Its design reflects our ideals: transparent, clear, and collaborative. Our logo is the star of a Starcity community — a badge of honor and a core piece of how we present ourselves to our members and the larger world.

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Primary Lockups

We have two primary lockups of the logo which you can use. We prefer the horizontal lockup when possible but you may use the vertical logo if it is better suited for your design.

Dark Horizontal Logo


Light Horizontal Logo


Dark Vertical Logo


Light Vertical Logo

Secondary Lockups

The logo mark may be used in designs and documents where the name “Starcity” or the full logo is elsewhere used. Exceptions to this rule can be made for swag items.

Dark Logomark


Light Logomark


The preferred color treatment of the logo is white or black, over backgrounds where contrast is high. An alternate version of the logo can be used in Starcity Blue, but this usage is less frequent as the color palette is generally reserved for graphic accents rather than branding.

Our Name

Starcity is written as one word with a capital “S” and lowercase “c”.


DO maintain a healthy amount of clearspace around the logo so as not to clutter it

DO retain the shape and proportions of the logo

DO use assets at a legible size for the medium

Wordmark no smaller than 25mm wide

Wordmark no smaller than 66px wide


Don’t manipulate the logo in any way, such as changing color or typeface

Don’t overlap the logo with other elements

Don’t make the logo transparent

Don’t place the logo over backgrounds that are busy or backgrounds with low contrast



Our color palette denotes who we are and the communities we are tied to.

Only the colors below should be used for Starcity marketing, communications, and other public- and community-facing materials. We have thought long and hard about the story our colors tell and the emotions they evoke.

Download Color Palette (.ase)
Grayscale Palette

The grayscale palette is used for text and the white is reserved for backgrounds.


RGB 46 43 44
CMYK 69 66 62 64


RGB 142 142 142
CMYK 47 39 39 3


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0
Accent Palette

The colors in the accent palette add pops of color and vibrancy to headlines, backgrounds, and illustrations.

Starcity Blue

HEX #1186C9
RGB 17 134 201
CMYK 81 38 0 0

Starcity Purple

HEX #B121D5
RGB 177 33 213
CMYK 48 85 0 0

Starcity Gold

HEX #F29B00
RGB 242 155 0
CMYK 3 45 100 0

Starcity Green

HEX #11C956
RGB 17 201 86
CMYK 72 0 90 0

The dark accent colors are used only in illustrations to add depth.

Dark Blue

HEX #0F6698
RGB 15 102 152
CMYK 92 58 19 3

Dark Purple

HEX #811A9B
RGB 129 26 155
CMYK 61 100 0 0

Dark Gold

RGB 203 141 31
CMYK 20 46 100 2

Dark Green

HEX #388A57
RGB 56 138 87
CMYK 79 24 82 8

DO use primarily white backgrounds for content

DO use the accent palette in equal amounts, with a slight preference for Starcity Blue

DO create mostly monochromatic layouts


Don’t overload the design with too many uses of the accent palette

Don’t use the dark accent palette outside of illustrations



Our type stack is an unlikely but balanced mix of approachability, innovation, and fun.

Our font families should be used for all communications, ensuring a consistent look and feel in all online and print literature.

Download all Typefaces
Work Sans


Work Sans is our primary paragraph typeface and is the most widely used. It is best for designs that are text heavy. Work Sans Regular is the default weight, and you can use Work Sans Semibold to highlight important text in lieu of italics.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The wizard quickly jinxed the gnomes before they vaporized.

Work Sans Regular


Bored? Craving a pub quiz fix? Why, just come to the Royal Oak! A very big box sailed up then whizzed quickly from Japan.

Work Sans Semibold


Work Sans Semibold is used for subheadlines. It is set in uppercase letters and generally set in Gray from the color palette.

I am a subheadline

Work Sans Semibold

Text Transform: Uppercase
Color: Gray

Eczar Extra Bold

Ezcar Extra Bold is our headline display typeface. It should be set in a large size in proportion to the other type in the design for impact and contrast. Depending on your design, Eczar is commonly shown in colors from the Accent Palette. Headlines are commonly written as sentences or phrases, and use sentence case. Some exceptions, such as one or two-word headline, can use title case.


As quirky joke, chefs won’t pay devil magic zebra tax.

Eczar Extra Bold

Caveat Bold

Caveat Bold, a handwriting typeface, introduces a human element to the type stack and design system, and is used the most sparingly. Because of its playful and spirited letterforms, do not overuse this typeface. Use your discretion when using it to denote words or short phrases that are better spoken with a human voice and tone, such as people’s names or adjectives describing the living experience. It is not intended for use in full sentences or paragraphs. It is always set in uppercase letters, with 2px tracking, and in an Accent Color.


Foxy diva Jennifer Lopez wasn’t baking my quiche.

Caveat Bold

Text Transform: Uppercase
Letter Spacing / Tracking: 2px


DO use proportionally large headline type

DO use the right casing for each type style

When in doubt, use Work Sans


Don’t run more than 9 or 10 words per line, it makes it harder to read

Don’t use the headline font for body text or vice versa

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