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Comfortable community homes in the heart of the city.

It’s a put-your-phone-down, have a conversation kind of place

We come from all walks of life, and all over the world, to share our experiences and values.

Life at Starcity

We Share

We love our weekly dinners. Ideas, food, and space are shared to elevate our dedication to sustainable living. We opt in to community events when we feel comfortable to do so.

We Love

Hassle-free living! Starcity takes care of our home—we don’t worry about buying furniture, weekly cleaning, basic amenities or package deliveries.

We Participate

While we’re busy people, Starcity helps us give back easily by arranging volunteer opportunities with local non-profits and suggesting local small-business owners that we can support.

We are Bringing Community Back to the City

Social isolation is a growing epidemic—we solve this problem by bringing people together to create meaningful connections.

What Our Members Are Saying


Alexa,Molecular Biologist

“I love how Starcity really emphasizes community and continuously looks for ways to improve the living experience for its members. They also make life really convenient by taking care of all the little things.”


Migerta,Hospitality Manager

“Starcity organizes amazing social outings and events at home that bring everyone together. I truly feel like everyone at Starcity cares about us and cares that we're having the best time possible.”



“I was living in a one bedroom apartment by myself. My entire community was just who I worked with and that felt very narrow. We have to get back to creating genuine communities in our cities. We need to reduce our isolation. And that's what Starcity is doing.”

Explore Our Communities

Our community homes are located in vibrant neighborhoods of San Francisco. Each home is uniquely designed to integrate and reflect the neighborhood’s character and flavor.

Private Rooms

As a Starcity member, you have your own private room to nest in. The spaces come fully-furnished yet have room to add your personality!

Living Rooms & Kitchens

We create spacious living rooms and kitchens for winding down, cooking, and getting together with friends.

Fully Equipped

Simply pack a suitcase and move in. We provide everything you need to unlock your home’s potential. Top-of-the-line appliances, smart HDTVs, super-fast WiFi and more!

Everything's included

One price that includes it all. Don’t worry about separate payments for utilities, weekly-cleaning or basic amenities. Oh, there’s on-site laundry, too—laundromats begone!

Reviving the great cities we love.

Our Story

Building for the Future

Starcity elevates under-utilized buildings to their highest and best use: this means either converting commercial buildings to residential, or comfortably fitting more people into the same space.

Cities are rapidly growing

Expected to live in urban environments by 2050


Of world population


Responsible Living

Mother Earth has spoken. We must reduce our footprint and consume less so future generations can enjoy our cities. We design spaces to facilitate the sharing of resources and a reduction in energy consumption.

Cities have the


per capita energy consumption by household member


Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Cities have beautiful charm and history. We want to maintain a tangible connection to the past. We combine the historic fabric of a building with a renewed purpose.

Cities need density

Starcity increases living capacity by


the normal apartment building

Mobilizing local communities

We engage with local community groups and nonprofit leaders to uncover ways in which Starcity can help and be a resource. We employ local craftsmen to build our homes and foster a sense of shared purpose by bringing local artists and chefs into our spaces for events.

Cities have amazing power

30 largest US cities account for




A new way... to create entry-level housing is taking shape...

- J.K. Dineen

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